Wednesday, November 22, 2006

#22 (Week 9). Explore Ebooks and Audio Ebooks

For this thing you will explore SJLibrary’s ebook site and get an idea of the types of titles you can find here. Take a look around and locate a few titles of interest.

Discovery Exercise:

1. Visit sjlibrary's ebooks (FYI: It's a quick link on the home page)
2. Explore Project Gutenberg. As well as e-texts this site has human-read and computer generated audio ebooks and digitized sheet music.
3. Create a blog post about your findings.


Gothmom said...

The ebook site listed for project gutenburg is a rip-off site, we need to pull that and post the correct link to project gutenburg -

Willy Makit said...

Sandra probably ment
Fussy computers

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