Monday, December 4, 2006

#3 (Week 2). Set up your own blog & add your first post.

Now that you’ve done some exploring around this website and understand how this program will work, it’s time to set up your very own personal blog to begin recording your thoughts, discoveries and exercises. For this program, we are recommending that you use Blogger, a popular free online blog hosting service that is extremely easy to use. Use of Blogger is only a recommendation. If there is another blog hosting site that you are more comfortable with, please feel free to use it.

Grab yourself a blog in 3 steps:

Setting up a blog through takes very little time and only requires 3 steps:

1. Create an account
Google asks you for an email address - this becomes your username.

->You do not need a Gmail account.
->Remember to write down your Username and Password.

2. Name your blog

Remember that the whole web world can see your blog title and blog address. You probably don’t want to use your real name. Consider creating a blog name that’s anonymous, yet uniquely you. The URL for your blog will look like this example - (this is a real blog so of course you need to give your own blog its own unique name). The format is when you use software.

Note: There are no www in the address when using software.

Please remember your URL address and/or bookmark it.

3. Select your template.

Blogger has several templates - have fun choosing one for you!

Lastly, if you run into problems, check out Blogger's Help file and Tutorial or ask one of your co-workers.

Discovery Exercise:

1. Set up a blog for yourself through Blogger.
2. Play around and add a test post or two.
3. You will create a discovery post for each of the ’23 Things.’

Please clearly label each entry in your blog in the following way: Week 1, Exercise 1 or Thing 2(include name if possible). Each of your posts should provide insights into what you’ve discovered and learned. Feel free to share what worked for you … and what didn’t … what surprised you … what frustrated you … what amazed you. For example: Your ‘Thing 2’ post will talk about which habit among the 7 and 1/2 lifelong learning habits is easiest and which is hardest for you & why.

4. These exercises are all about discovery! Have fun … and happy blogging!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: How you choose to identity yourself on your blog is up to you. You can blog under a screen name, anonymously, or with your real name. Either way, in order to qualify for the flash drive, you will need to register your blog with the Virtual Services Team. Send an email to

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Anonymous said...

I think word press is a better alternative than blogger. The name "word press" doesn't get blocked by filers and there is more functionality in word press for design and components.

Unknown said...

LiveJournal is also excellent and highly customizable.

Anonymous said...

Cool story as for me. It would be great to read something more about this topic. The only thing that blog needs is a photo of some device.

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