Monday, December 4, 2006

#4 (Week 2). Register your blog on and begin your Learning 2.0 journey.

If you’ve made it this far, you already have three items or “things” completed of the ’23 Things’ that are required to earn the flash drive. We hope you are enjoying the adventure so far and having fun. Remember to share with colleagues knowledge or experience that may help them out if they get stuck or vice versa!

But how do you qualify for the flash drive?

Good question! You need to do two things. You have to register your blog with the Virtual Services Team, plus you have to record your progress on each of the ‘23 things’ on your blog. Reminder: Clearly identify each week and each exercise in your entries.

For the sake of simplicity, Virtual Service Team members will track and verify your progress. Team members will check your blog posts and enter your progress in a log that they will maintain. So, here’s to Thing #4 – why don’t you register your blog right away. Simply send an email to from your SJSU or SJPL email account and tell the Virtual Services Team what your blog address is. You will then be officially registered and become eligible to receive your flash drive upon completion of all “23 Things.”

Remember … your blog address is in the format

It’s really that easy and just think, now there’s only 19 more things to go. :)


scubagirl said...

scubagirllibrarian says pretty easy and fun so far!

Anonymous said...

if this is the hardest "thing" the whole learning 2.0 should be pretty fun!

Anonymous said...

Let's see if I remembered my name and password

efun said...

Week #2
Registered my blog.

CH said...

Week 2
I am finally registering my blog.

artful dodger said...

who reads this comment. is it on my blog?

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